June 2011

  1. A Fresh Approach to Labour Inspection in South Africa

    02 June 2011

    There’s a new spirit of cooperation between South Africa’s employers and the Department of Labour. It’s a result of ongoing reforms in South Africa’s Labour Inspection process, including good practices promoted by the ILO.

May 2011

  1. Dismissed Workers in Bahrain: Al Jazeera Interviews the ILO's Guy Ryder

    16 May 2011

    Al Jazeera interviews the ILO's Guy Ryder about the dismissal of workers following pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, and the ILO's efforts to promote dialogue between the country's trade unionists, employers and the government to address the issue. Guy Ryder is the Executive Director for Standards and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, at the ILO.

  2. Palestinian Women's Economic Empowerment

    11 May 2011

    The Palestinian Women's Economic Empowerment project promotes economic recovery in refugee camps in Lebanon by supporting ongoing efforts to increase income and improve decent work conditions for women entrepreneurs. ILO and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation are working to achieve these goals in the Nahr al-Bared and Ain al-Helweh Palestinian camps.

October 2010

  1. Maid in Lebanon II: Voices from home

    04 October 2010

    A documentary that explores the complexity of the relationship between migrant domestic workers and the Lebanese households as employers in an honest, and at times humorous and touching manner.

January 2007

  1. Marinalva: Mobile Squad Labour Inspector

    12 January 2007

    Marinalva is a labour inspector, part of the Brazilian government team called the “mobile squad”. They inspect farms in remote parts of the country, rescuing workers from forced labour as ILO TV explains.