ILO holds actuarial training for officials to ensure the sustainability of social security funds in Iraq

Charles Crevier, who leads the Social Protection, Governance and Tripartism Programme at ITC, holds training session for officials in Ebril 
Representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and from the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office took part in an actuarial training by the ILO, which is central to the assessment of the financial sustainability of the social security system in Iraq. 
The training was implemented jointly by ILO’s International Training Centre (ITC-ILO), and the ILO Social Protection team in Iraq. 
The four-day training aimed at fostering a shared understanding among participants, of actuarial core principles and key components. It equipped representatives with tools and technics to assess the sustainability of the social security fund. 
It is part of broader technical support provided by the ILO to develop and strengthen the social protection system in Iraq - under the European Union funded Joint Programme on Social Protection Reform in Iraq.