Employment promotion

ILO to train officials in Jordan on labour-intensive road surveying to boost employment among Syrian refugees and host communities

Field engineers from Jordan’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing will be trained by the ILO in labour-intensive road condition surveying as part of efforts to improve local infrastructure and increase formal employment among refugees and host communities.

The ILO will conduct a two-day training workshop in Jordan’s Irbid and Mafraq governorates as part of capacity building of field engineers at the country’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MWPH). The aim of the workshop will be to train the field engineers in carrying out road condition surveys for road maintenance. The workshop will include introduction on labour-intensive approaches, road defects, measurement of quantities for repair and the compilation of Bill of Quantities documents.

The workshop is part of an ILO labour-intensive infrastructure project entitled Employment through Labour Intensive Infrastructure in Jordan, which is being implemented in collaboration with Jordan’s MWPH in Northern Jordan. The project aims to support the Government of Jordan to create immediate formal employment opportunities and improve local infrastructure through Employment Intensive Investment Programmes (EIIP) for both Syrian refugees as well as host community members.