ILO encourages female participation in labour-intensive infrastructure project

The ILO holds awareness raising workshops for Jordanian and Syrian women in efforts to encourage their involvement in ILO-led employment initiatives.

The ILO holds a number of awareness raising workshops for women as part of efforts to encourage their participation in an Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) aimed at creating short-term jobs for Syrian refugees and members of their host communities, while improving infrastructure in northern Jordan.

The workshops target both Jordanian and Syrian women in the governorate of Irbid, one of the largest refugee-receiving districts in Jordan. Discussions center around the project’s objectives and key activities.

The project’s work will focus on improving roads as well as local agricultural infrastructure through the construction of water catchments and soil protection measures.

These initiatives will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. The ILO has held a number of meetings with both ministries to lay out the details of the ILO’s labour intensive approach and how it will be used to implement the current project in Jordan.

The project, entitled “Employment through Labour Intensive Infrastructure in Jordan,” aims to create 120,000 worker-days of short-term jobs, distributed equally among Syrian refugees and members of their Jordanian host communities by June 2017.