ILO support in Iraq

Job Creation and Private Sector Development

Improving access of refugees to public employment services in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Introducing Employment Investment Approach in the country to support decent job creation

Improving entrepreneurship for women, youth, IDPs and refugees through introducing ILO’s Start and Improve Your Business, in addition to introducing financial education and a financial inclusion model

Conducting a nation-wide labour force to support evidence-based national employment policies, in addition to a rapid assessment on the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market and an informality diagnostic study

Social Protection

Draft retirement and social security law being revised with the support of the ILO. This is the first step in extending social security schemes to workers in the private sector and efforts towards a comprehensive social protection reform

Child labour concerns are mainstreamed in laws and regulations, and programmes being implemented by the government and by humanitarian and development partners

Labour Governance and social dialogue

Trade unions have been brought together to coordinate efforts to achieve Decent Work in Iraq and to support the implementation of the DWCP

A national policy on labour inspection and on Occupational Safety and Health is being developed with social partners