Resources on Enterprise development in the Arab States

  1. Social justice for a new Arab era: promoting jobs, protection and dialogue in a changing region

    05 November 2012

    Arab states must move towards an inclusive development model of higher productivity and, together with their citizens, forge a new social contract.

  2. Expansion of the KAB programme in Kurdistan targeting students enrolled in vocational education institutes and unemployed youth graduates of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

    31 July 2012

    The ILO and UNESCO are working in the Autonomous Kurdish Region of Iraq to expand the ILO flagship enterprise development programme Know About Business, targeting youth throughout the region.

  3. Entrepreneurship Education - Know About Business for Yemen

    03 April 2012

    The objective of this project is to contribute to the creation of employment opportunities by fostering an enterprise culture in Yemen, through promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment among youth. This objective will be achieved by introducing the ILO Know About Business (KAB) curriculum in technical/vocational education and universities.

  4. Arab Empoyment Forum (Thematic Papers)

    19 October 2009

    The Forum addresses the broad challenges and opportunities posed by the financial and economic crisis, providing a platform for senior policy-makers and high-level representatives of workers and employers from across the Arab region.

  5. Sustainable enterprise development and employment creation in the Arab region:A review of issues

    19 October 2009

  6. Reforming the Business Environment for Small Enterprises in Syria: Challenges and Recommendations

    13 August 2009

    Reforming the Business Environment for Small Enterprises in Syria:Challenges and Recommendations comes as a result of H.E Ms. Asma Al Assad’s national initiative in Syria for the creation of decent employment opportunities targeting young Syrian women and men, with a strong focus on private sector job creation, particularly self employment/entrepreneurship. The barriers to a healthy entrepreneurship culture in Syria prevail, among which are widespread attitudes/preferences for public sector employment among youth, and the unfavorable legal and regulatory framework.

  7. Sustainable Enterprise Development and Employment Creation

    15 November 2008

  8. Skills for employability of workers and productivity of enterprises in Arab States

    15 November 2008

  9. Enterprises in Lebanon 2006-2007: A Post-Conflict Impact Assessment One Year On

    17 October 2007

    This is a comprehensive report on the impact of the 2006 conflict on the small and micro enterprise sector in Lebanon. The purpose of this research work was to understand how the small enterprise sector – an already neglected, disadvantaged and less privileged part of the private sector – was affected by the recent conflict. The scope of research work was the entire population of small enterprises over the length and breadth of the country.