Resources on Enterprise development in the Arab States

  1. Creation of employment opportunities by fostering an enterprise culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    17 May 2013

    The ILO has developed a set of training materials for entrepreneurship education called Know About Business (KAB).

  2. Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen - Phase 2 (ERRY II)

    17 May 2013

    ERRY II is the second phase of the recently completed Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) programme, funded by the European Union, and implmented by the UNDP, ILO, WFP, and FAO. The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to reduced vulnerability and strengthened resilience of crisis-affected communities in Yemen through the creation of sustainable livelihoods and improving access to basic services. The ERRY II Programe will be implmented in Yemen in six vulnerable governorates: Hajjah, Hodeidah, Lahj, Abyan, Taiz and Sana’a. The target groups will focus on the most vulnerable such as women, the unemployed, youth, the Muhamasheen, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and stressed host communities.

  3. Integrated support for young women and men in Yemen to access decent work

    17 May 2013

    The ILO is supporting skills training providers to deliver marketable skills and entrepreneurship capacity to young Yemenis.

  4. Women Entrepreneurship Programme in Yemen

    17 May 2013

    The project contributes to the national goal of economically empowering Yemeni women and encouraging them to engage in self-employment or improve their existing businesses.

  5. Introduction of “Know About Business” at the Development and Employment Fund

    16 May 2013

    The project works towards the national priority of reducing poverty and youth unemployment and facilitating young Jordanians’ entry to the labour market.

  6. Arab Employment Forum

    The Forum addresses the broad challenges and opportunities posed by the financial and economic crisis, providing a platform for senior policy-makers and high-level representatives of works and employers from across the Arab region

  7. Strategic Objectives for Decent Work Agenda

    01 February 2013

    The ILO Regional Office for Arab states works to foster social justice with decent work opportunities through sustainable enterprises, higher productivity and growth with equity.

  8. Enhancing Local Employment, Skills and Enterprises in Nahr el Bared, Lebanon

    08 December 2012

    The objective of this project is to reduce poverty amongst Nahr al-Bared residents by providing better access to employment, self-employment and training opportunities.

  9. Capacity Development of the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (FPCCIA) - Inception Phase

    08 December 2012

    The development objective of the project is to foster sustainable and inclusive private sector development in the oPt.

  10. Introduction of Know About Business in vocational and technical training in oPt

    07 December 2012

    This project contributes towards the creation of employment opportunities by fostering an enterprise culture in oPt and promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment among youth. This will be achieved through introducing the ILO Know About Business (KAB) curriculum in technical/vocational education and technical universities.