Livelihood Recovery Project in Sichuan

Livelihood Recovery Project in Sichuan is to help 5,000 farmers who lost their farmland and 600 disabled farmers or their family members due to the 2008 earthquake, to increase their income and employment viability through “Start and Improve Your Business” (SIYB) training and vocational training, meanwhile, to help Red Cross develop their capacity to plan and implement employment promotion projects, especially in vocational training and “Start and Improve Your Business” (SIYB) training.


In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Mianzhu was one of the hardest hit counties among the 18 worst hit areas. The earthquake caused serious damage to individual livelihoods and also significantly affected the local economy in the Mianzhu County.

In order to contribute to the recovery of the people affected by the earthquake in Mianzhu County, with technical support from the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is working with the Mianzhu Labour Bureau, as well as the Red Cross in Deyang and Mianzhu to deliver vocational training and business training according to the needs and interests of affected people and the local job market. The Livelihoods Recovery Project is funded by the British Red Cross and the Japanese Red Cross.

Project objectives

  • Income and employment viability of relocated farmers and disabled people in Mianzhu County is increased; and
  • Red Cross capacity to plan and implement employment promotion projects, especially in vocational training and microfinance is developed.

Selected areas of project

The project has started from three townships: Qingping, Jinhua and Tianchi, and is now expanding to Hanwang, Jiulong and Zundao townships

Target group

  • 5000 farmers who lost their farmland due to the earthquake; and
  • 600 disabled farmers who became disabled or whose family members became disabled because of the earthquake.

Types of training

  • Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB);
  • Community-Based Training;
  • Training Center-based Vocational Training; and
  • Enterprise-Based Training.

Project implementation time

The opening ceremony and also the first training class started on 23 March, 2010 at Qingping Township. The project implementation time is one year.

For further information please contact

Ms Zeng Meng
National Project Coordinator
ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia
Tel: +86 838 6100180