Trade for Decent Work

ILO social partners from Mongolia advance their knowledge on Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work in Bangkok

A global event "Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work" took place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 28 to December 2 in 2022, coinciding with global initiative, 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Mongolian participants at the Regional Academy on Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work, Bangkok © ILO
The jointly organized Regional Academy on Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work by the ILO Regional office for Asia and the Pacific, the ITC-ILO is among the flagship and most iconic events launched in 2011, and held every 2 years, bringing together and training around 800 experts and successful practitioners across the globe.

In 2022, "Trade for Decent Work" project funded by the European Union supported the participation of ILO social partners and key stakeholders, including representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Mongolian Employers Federation (MONEF), Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions, the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, National Committee on Gender Equality in the 5-day training sessions of the Gender Academy in Bangkok.

Interactive, innovative and informative, the event brought together leading international experts to share their experiences and perspectives on gender equality, inclusion and the future of work. It also provided a valuable opportunity for Mongolian stakeholders of the ILO to learn how these issues are being tackled globally, and most importantly applied locally.

Through this course I gained knowledge about many important topics, such as the recent global issues of gender equality, especially how to prevent and implement mechanisms and strategies to prevent inequality and discrimination in the workplace, while doing so without neglecting social and family issues."

- Erdenechimeg, Senior Analyst at Family Relations Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia

The training offered a plenary lecture, panel discussions and keynote speeches guiding through a transformative agenda for gender equality and women’s empowerment in the world of work. The academy allowed its participants to customize their own learning journey by choosing among a variety of parallel elective workshops, designed as stand-alone units of one training day, but also “stackable” in a modular structure.

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Tselmeg Urtnasan
Project Communication Officer
Country Office for China and Mongolia