SCORE Experience Sharing Meeting in Deqing

09 March 2017, the ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia (ILO CO-Beijing) and the State Administration for Work Safety (SAWS) co-organized SCORE Experience Sharing Meeting in Deqing, Huzhou of Zhejiang province.

SCORE project has been expanded to Deqing in Huzhou of Zhejiang province since April 2016. The five pilot enterprises have completed SCORE Training, including module on “Workplace Cooperation” and thematic module on “Occupation Safety and Health at Work (OSH)”, and another five enterprises as the 2nd batch is implementing SCORE training.

20 consultants and safety inspectors have been trained in SCORE Training of trainers (TOT). they worked in pair to provide local SMEs with on-site consultations, in order to improve SME’s safety management and strengthen the capability of workplace compliance. This new approach on delivery training in factory was tested in the pilot enterprises.

Chen Jiang, Director General of National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety (NCICS) of SAWS chaired the meeting. 80 participants from ILO, national departments and local SAWS, SCORE pilot enterprises, trainers and media attended the meeting.

Fang Wenhua, Director of Deqing Administration for Work Safety reviewed SCORE progress. “SCORE brought with innovative methodology for safety production supervision. With the increased awareness of work safety and self-protection on OSH, employees played an active roles in hazard identification and rectification with SCORE. Self-regulation and motivation was increasing with strengthened entity responsibility from employers, whose mind-set changed after seeing the facts that improvement for workplace compliance and safety management would in return bring with harmonious labour relations, productivity upgrade and cost efficiency.”

CHEN Yongming, Deputy Governor of Deqing pointed out that SCORE was a feasible and applicable tool at grassroots level. Safety inspectors trained by SCORE developed better understandings on how to combine prevention, supervision plus service functions for safety inspection. Deqing would integrate SCORE with its work priorities and made effort to establish a comprehensive mechanism for enterprises-market-government regarding safety production, consulting business and OSH inspection.

After five presentations shared by pilot enterprises, Mr. SHANG Wenqi, Deputy Director General No.4 Division of SAWS recognized significant achievements SCORE achieved in Deqing and put forth recommendations for SCORE implementation in the long run.
  • Share SCORE practice and experience to benefit more SMEs;
  • Select certain geographical areas and sectors for SCORE replication;
  • Promote SCORE with sustainable and continuous mechanism;
  • Provide technical support to enterprises with demanding condition on OSH and workplace management;
  • Build up capacities for safety supervision and labor inspection for government.
Michael Elkin, chief technical adviser of the ILO SCORE global highlighted the facts that SCORE contributed to improve the productivity and working conditions for SMEs in the long run. ILO and SAWS will build capacity for development of local business and service providers to carry out counselling services, with the aim of fostering a market-based mechanism to sustain the local SMEs.

This meeting also provided important opportunity to share knowledge among local stakeholders. The chief engineer from Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Work Safety Mr. LI Gonghang, chief engineer from Huzhou Administration for Work Safety Mr. FU Wenhu exchanged experiences and challenges for implementing SCORE.

ILO and SAWS will continuously work together to replicate SCORE to a total of 500 enterprises in Huzhou municipality and Zhejiang province, with the aim of eventually expanding SCORE to national scale.