High-Level Meeting on the Application of Child Labour Conventions Ratified by China

Jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the ILO, the high-level meeting aimed at promoting international labour standards regarding child labour elimination and exchanging international good practices of eliminating child labour.

The High-Level Meeting is attended by high level officials from Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, All-China Federation of Trade Unions and China Enterprise Confederation, as well as the ILO specialists.

Over the years the international community has developed a framework of international standards to protect children from child labour, in particular the two important ILO Conventions on the subject and more broadly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Whilst some progress is being made to reduce child labour in too many cases the rights contained in these international standards are still not fully applied in practice or enforced.

The Chinese labour inspection system, which is endowed with responsibility of enforcing national labour law, plays a very important role in combating child labour. Labour inspectors have traditionally been key partners in eliminating child labour.