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SCORE Mid-Term Review (MTR) Workshop in Beijing Fangshan Successfully Accomplished

The MTR workshop reviewed SCORE progress in Fangshan after completing SCORE Training on Module One-Workplace Cooperation and called on pushing forward SCORE Training on Module Five- Safety and Health at Work in next stage.

News | Beijing, China | 19 December 2017
ILO Office for China and Mongolia (ILO CO-Beijing) and State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) co-organized a “SCORE Mid-Term Review (MTR) Workshop” in Beijing Fangshan, 19 December 2017. The MTR workshop reviewed SCORE progress achieved in Fangshan after completing Module One-Workplace Cooperation and called on pushing forward SCORE Training Module Five- Safety and Health at Work in next stage.

SCORE, short for Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises, is a technical cooperation programme initiated by the ILO and implemented globally, aiming at increasing productivity and competitiveness among SMEs and developing decent jobs in the transition to an emerging greener economy.

During the MTR session held on December 19th 2017, Mr. Zhang Haisheng, Director General of Fangshan Administration of Work Safety, reviewed the SCORE progress. Representatives of the pilot enterprises, SCORE consultants, and work safety inspectors shared their experiences and learning as well.

Ten local enterprises from precarious sectors of Beijing Fangshan, including manufacture, chemistry, textiles etc. registered and actively participated SCORE Training since its official launch in April 2017. Efforts had been made at different levels to incorporate SCORE methodology into the workplace management and safety improvement. Innovative mechanism of bringing safety inspectors with SCORE consultants was introduced. Safety inspector worked closely with SCORE consultant to provide instructions and supervise enterprises regularly, aiming at upgrading enterprise’s workplace practice through the professional training and in-factory counselling with SCORE methodology.

So far all the ten engaged enterprises successfully completed SCORE thematic module-Workplace Cooperation. From statistics, 1,258 improvement suggestions from enterprise improvement team (EIT) are gathered, 944 of which were adopted and 917 put into practice, with a completion rate of 97%. In addition, a checklist of 303 hazards and risks for safety inspection at work has been formulated, 2,322 work safety checks have been conducted. 296 potential hazards and hidden risks have been identified and 288 have been rectified, with a completion rate of 97%.

“The pilot enterprises in Fangshan improved significantly in productivity and safety compliance at workplace with SCORE Methodology“, indicated by Mr. MA Rui, Director General of No. Four Department for Safety Supervision and Management of SAWS. “We need to scale up SCORE to more enterprises and broader areas to tackle with challenges on work safety, and these enterprises would benefit with sustainable development in the future after SCORE Training.

“What the pilot enterprises of Fangshan accomplished in such a short period of time was very impressive and encouraging.” Said Mr. Dai Xiaochu, Deputy Director of ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia, “In particular, the application of SCORE Methodology on work safety improvement set excellent example for other SCORE pilot areas.” Mr. Dai wish the Mid-Term Review Workshop a great success and expect that SCORE work closely with broader partnerships and productive cooperation to accomplish fruitful impacts and remarkable progress in Fangshan.

Around 80 representatives participated the workshop, including officials from SAWS at national and local level, officials from the local district government bureaus, representatives of enterprises, consultants and safety inspectors, and representatives from ILO SCORE China team.

A half-day follow-up visit also conducted to the selected representative enterprises, namely Beijing Guanhua, Dongfang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing TOPLI Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. The visiting group talked with front-line workers, core members of the Enterprise Improvement Team (EIT), enterprise management, SCORE consultants and work safety inspectors to learn their experiences in running SCORE after training. Their efforts to upgrade workplace compliance and encourage employees to sustain safety production were highly acknowledged by SCORE China team of ILO and SAWS.

According to the work plan, the ten enrolled factories will move forward with SCORE Training on Occupational Safety and Health. On-site enterprise counselling and factory visits for workplace improvement will be continuously carrying out. Case studies and good practices will be gathered and shared among stakeholders at a broader level during the Experience Sharing & Wrap-up Workshop scheduled in mid-2018.