New Country Director for the ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia

Mr Tim De Meyer has taken up his post as the International Labour Organization's (ILO) new Country Director in Beijing.

Press release | 04 March 2014
BEIJING(ILO News) - Mr Tim De Meyer has taken up his post as the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) new Country Director in Beijing.

Arriving in Beijing, Mr De Meyer said “I am delighted to be given the opportunity of working with the government and the social partners to support China and Mongolia’s efforts to improve people’s wellbeing and rebalance their economies”.

ILO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Mr Uramoto, with ACFTU Vice Chairman Chen Hao.
Mr De Meyer was accompanied by Mr Yoshiteru Uramoto, ILO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, who formally introduced him to the ILO’s constituents in China. Mr Uramoto told them that “Mr De Meyer’s expertise in international labour standards should come at a timely moment when China is deepening its reform of the income distribution system, striving to narrow the income gap and making labour relations harmonious."

Mr De Meyer has a Masters degree in Law (1985) and a Masters degree in Press and Communication Science (1986) from the Universities of Antwerp and Ghent respectively. He joined the ILO as an Associate Expert on International Labour Standards (ILS) in 1992, and worked as a Visiting Lecturer on European Union Law at Kyushu University of Japan from 1994 to 1997. He rejoined the ILO in 1997. He has more than 20 years experience as a Legal Officer and Specialist on International Labour Standards and Labour Law, serving at the ILO’s Headquarters in Geneva, in New Delhi and Bangkok.

Mr De Meyer is a Belgian citizen. Before coming to Beijing his previous position was in Bangkok, as the Senior Specialist on ILS and Labour Law with the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team for East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. During the 12 years he held this post, he advised on a number of ILO programmes and technical cooperation projects in China and Mongolia.

Mr De Meyer with Ms Ann Herbert
Mr De Meyer takes over from Ms Ann Herbert, who served as ILO Country Director from early 2010, and is retiring after more than 20 years with the ILO. Mr Uramoto noted her contribution to the ILO’s work in China and Mongolia, saying. “We sincerely thank her for all these years of wise leadership, dedication and service.”