Forced labour and trafficking in persons: Training manual for Malaysian law enforcers

The manual has five modules: 1. What are the definitions and mandates on forced labour and TIP 2. What other national, international and regional frameworks relate to forced labour and TIP 3. How can law enforcers identify potential cases of trafficking in persons including forced labour 4. How can law enforcers care for the needs of the potential victims of forced labour and TIP 5. What can law enforcers do if they encounter potential cases of forced labour and TIP

This Forced Labour and Trafficking for Labour Exploitation – Training Manual for Malaysian Law Enforcers was developed by the ILO and the Council for Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrant (MAPO) as a practical guide for enforcement agencies to understand the legal frameworks for forced labour and human trafficking, identifying potential victims and protecting potential victims’ rights and the process for referring cases.