Migrant Worker Resource Centre operations manual

A manual on establishing and operating a resource centre for migrant workers including information for potential migrants.

The Migrant Worker Resource Centre operations manual has been developed and tested with service providers, trade unions and government officials and key stakeholders under the ILO GMS TRIANGLE project.

This Migrant Worker Resource Centre operations manual is intended for any organization that provides, or wants to provide, services to migrant workers. The manual provides clear guidance on the establishment of a Migrant Worker Resource Centre and services to potential and returned migrants, and members of their families. The manual includes practical tools and templates for everyday use when providing and tracking services.

The manual also includes suggested answers to questions frequently asked by potential and returned migrants and members of their families and service providers, about Cambodian workers’ rights and responsibilities and other aspects of living and working abroad. The manual discusses risks involved in migration, requirements for legal migration, questions about specific sectors, sending money home, culture, laws and policies, and accessing support services and complaints mechanisms in Cambodia and destination countries.