APYouthNet discussion forum consolidated product 3: Rights and conditions of young workers

Synthesis of the Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Youth Employment (APYN) third discussion forum that took place 23 November - 6 December, 2009.

For young people, entry into the labour market can be a time of great hope. Ideally, the transition from school to work is an opportunity to apply skills acquired in the education system to the real world, to take a step towards financial independence and to create a solid foundation for a self-determined future. But the reality of many young people's experiences in the world of work is not so rosy. For many young people, entry into the labour force is an uncertain time, perhaps prioritised over continued education by necessity rather than choice. Job opportunities may be scarce and unappealing, seemingly more a dead-end than a path to lifelong development. In short, many people suffer from deficits in their rights and conditions at work.