APYouthNet discussion forum consolidated product 1: Youth enterprise and the effects of the global financial crisis

Synthesis of the Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Youth Employment (APYN) first discussion forum that took place 27 April - 11 May, 2009.

We certainly live in challenging, turbulent and confusing times as the global economic crisis permeates our region. Its impacts are multifaceted, unequal and exacting. Some countries appear to be weathering the aforesaid economic ‘tsunami’ better than others. Multi sectoral responses at the macro and micro levels have and are being implemented. The two week regional Discussion Forum enabled the sharing of experiences, insights and possible responses from a diverse range of Asian Pacific countries including Vietnam, Vanuatu, Thailand, Samoa, Solomon’s, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei and Australia.

The Discussion Forum confirmed that as in previous global and regional economic downturns, it is young men and women who are most at risk and often experience the most pervasive and far reaching negative consequences. Within this age demographic, certain sub groups were identified as particularly vulnerable, namely young women, expatriate workers, recent school and college graduates and the rural poor. Certain industry sectors, where young people predominate as employees are most affected, namely manufacturing, tourism, construction, transport and information technologies, have experienced significant job loss.