SaverAsia and financial literacy education

TRIANGLE in ASEAN supports SaverAsia, a mobile app and web portal that allows migrant workers compare the costs of money transfer services and to find useful financial information. Together with financial literacy training and counselling provided to migrant workers and prospective migrant workers in Migrant Worker Resource Centers (MRCs) supported by the programme in six countries, TRIANGLE in ASEAN supports migrant workers in making most out of migration.


SaverAsia is a digital service designed to help migrant workers compare the costs of sending remittances home, to manage their money, and to improve their financial literacy. The service is available as a web portal and mobile app in four languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese, English and Khmer.

Three key functions of SaverAsia app are: ‘Compare rates’, ‘Calculators’ and ‘Finance basics’. The web portal includes additional sections on ‘Financial services’ and ‘Local support’. The ‘Compare rates’ function allows users to compare money transfer services in terms of cost, speed and mode of transfer to find the option that suits best for their needs. Find the guide here. The service covers ten key remittance corridors in ASEAN, namely Singapore to Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines; Malaysia to Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Viet Nam; and Thailand to Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Where possible, SaverAsia links directly to listed money transfer organizations’ websites or apps to allow users to make a digital transfer.

SaverAsia is developed and managed by Developing Markets Associates (DMA) with support from the ILO’s TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme. SaverAsia web portal was launched in October and SaverAsia app went live in Android and IOS app stores in August 2020.

Financial literacy

TRIANGLE in ASEAN and DMA are disseminating SaverAsia in collaboration with government, trade union and civil society partners in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. One key channel for dissemination are the Migrant Worker Resource Centers (MRCs) supported by TRIANGLE in ASEAN in six countries in ASEAN.

An introduction to SaverAsia service is integrated in the Save Smart financial literacy training programme developed by TRIANGLE in ASEAN. The Save Smart financial planner for ASEAN migrant workers and Save Smart MRC financial literacy training manual support migrant workers in making informed financial choices about migration.

In May-June 2019 training of trainers (TOT) workshops were organized in Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic and Myanmar to enable TRIANGLE in ASEAN’s MRC partners to provide training and counselling on financial literacy, including use of SaverAsia service, to potential migrant workers.