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  1. Press release

    Chemical Safety in the Spotlight as Production, Jobs Migrate to Asia

    31 October 2003, BANGKOK

    Fourth Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety put focus on Asia as jobs in the chemical industries in East Asia have more than doubled over the last two decades.

  2. Press release

    Shipbreaking Guidelines Charting New Waters

    15 October 2003, BANGKOK

    Representatives of governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations from heavyweight shipbreaking nations as Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and Turkey unanimously adopt ILO Guidelines on Safety and Health for the industry.

  3. Press release

    Shipbreaking guidelines for safer work 'Taking shape'

    11 October 2003, Bangkok, Thailand

    A tripartite ILO meeting taking place in Bangkok is making ‘good progress’ in the revision of guidelines aimed at responsible ship dismantling and the provision for improved safety and health in ship breaking.

  4. Press release

    Development issues top agenda at Decent Work Forum

    10 October 2003, NEW ZEALAND

    Representatives of governments, employers’ and workers’ groups in South-East Asia and the Pacific gather in New Zealand for an ILO forum on decent work, welcoming Vanuatu and Timor-Leste as new ILO members.

  5. Press release

    Cambodia, ILO Forge Agreement to Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness in the Workplace

    09 October 2003, PHNOM PENH

    The ILO and the Cambodian Government agree on raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and prevent related discrimination in the workplace, while initiating a U.S. funded HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme.

  6. Press release

    Experts seek ways to diffuse safety and health 'Time Bomb'

    08 October 2003, BANGKOK

    The ILO holds a Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Safety and Health in Shipbreaking aimed at adopting guidelines for responsible ship dismantling and revise and adopt provisions for improved safety and health in shipbreaking.

  7. Press release

    Decent Work Agenda Gaining Ground in South-East Asia and the Pacific

    08 October 2003, NEW ZEALAND

    Government, employer and worker representatives from 10 countries in South-East Asia and the Pacific reaffirm their commitment to promoting decent work in their national agendas as part of an effort to reduce poverty and generate employment opportunities.

  8. Press release

    ILO Welcomes Timor-Leste, Vanuatu into the Fold

    06 October 2003, NEW ZEALAND

    The ILO formally welcomes new member states Timor-Leste and Vanuatu during an opening ceremony for the first South-East Asia and Pacific Sub-Regional Tripartite Forum on Decent Work in Auckland.

  9. Press release

    Turbulent Times for Tourism Employment

    12 September 2003, BANGKOK

    A new ILO report analysing the Asia Pacific tourism industry introduced at a Tripartite Regional Meeting on Employment in the Tourism Industry in Asia and the Pacific.

  10. Press release

    ILO Conference to consider jobs crisis in Asian and Pacific Tourism

    09 September 2003, BANGKOK

    Government, employer and worker representatives from 18 countries in Asia and the Pacific gather at an ILO meeting to discuss the jobs crisis in the region's vital tourism sector and consider employment and social policies for the future.