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  1. Youth employment

    Career progression maps help Malaysian youth chart career paths in the food services industry

    20 February 2024, Johor, Malaysia

    Maps highlighting career progression opportunities expected to benefit thousands of young Malaysians over the next few years.

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    Social Justice

    Pakistan Launches National Coalition for Social Justice

    20 February 2024, Islamabad, Pakistan

    National Coalition for Social Justice cements the commitment of partners to addressing inequalities and promoting social justice in Pakistan.

  3. News

    Communications and Event Service Provider TOR

    15 February 2024,

    ILO Bangkok Office is looking to recruit a communications & event service provider to produce two videos and communication materials (i.e., flyer, social media cards, infographics) including graphic design, and take high-quality photos during the regional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand on 14-15 May 2024. To apply, please send your complete application to, copying by February 23, 2024.

  4. Social protection

    New training package equips Viet Nam Women Union to advocate for more gender-responsive social protection policies

    01 February 2024,

    Gaps in Viet Nam's social protection exist, placing women at a disadvantage. The ILO and Viet Nam Women Union’s new online training package equips union workers at the central and grassroots level to fight for policies that ensure equal security for all.

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    Trade union rights

    ILO marks third anniversary of Myanmar military takeover with call for the release of trade union leaders and all those unjustly detained

    01 February 2024,

    Deep concern expressed at continual erosion of civic space and trade union rights in the country.

  6. News

    Bangladesh Tripartite Decent Work Country Programme Steering Committee begins 2024 reflecting on progress

    31 January 2024,

    Labour reforms, green jobs for a just transition and private sector driven skills development to be prioritized in 2024

  7. News

    Future-ready workforce through STEM in TVET

    31 January 2024, Manila, Philippines

    The ILO convened teachers, trainers and partners in a summit to integrate STEM in TVET and to reinforce a future-ready workforce as jobs evolve due to rapid technological changes.

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    Global accelerator

    Viet Nam strongly committed to become a pathfinder country of the Global accelerator

    30 January 2024,

    New resolution showcases a clear will of Viet Nam to become a pathfinder country of the Global accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions.

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    Migrant workers

    Tens of thousands of women migrant workers are empowered by Gender Responsiveness-One Roof Integrated Services Centers

    30 January 2024, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO supports the establishment of Gender Responsiveness-One Roof Integrated Service Center (LTSA-MRC) in four districts to advocate and empower tens of thousands of women migrant workers.

  10. News

    New employment opportunities for laid-off workers on digital entrepreneurship

    25 January 2024, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia

    ILO digital entrepreneurship training, jointly conducted with Evermos, a social commerce reseller platform, not only provides new digital skills, but also opens a new, inclusive employment opportunity.