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  1. Research

    Call for abstracts: Technology and the transition from informal to formal economy

    07 July 2020,

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) invite researchers to submit proposals for innovative research papers relevant to the theme of the use of digital technologies in support of accelerating results in the transition from the informal to formal economy. The deadline for submission is 31 August 2020.

  2. ILO Global Summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work: Building a better future of work

    Leaders from Asia-Pacific address ILO Virtual Global Summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work

    07 July 2020,

    Government, Employers’ and Workers’ leaders from Asia Pacific are to address the largest ever online gathering of workers, employers and governments to discuss how to build back better in the post-pandemic recovery.

  3. Virtual Global Summit

    Regional events pave the way for global discussions on COVID-19 and the World of Work

    03 July 2020,

    Participants from five ILO regions discussed the challenges of recovery and building back better, and their conclusions will feed into discussions at a ILO virtual Global Summit.

  4. International Labour Standards

    Workers’ organizations are essential to promote and put into practice ILO standards on Violence and Harassment

    03 July 2020, ILO Geneva

    Social dialogue including collective bargaining remains a vital instrument for workers’organizations to advocate for the ratification and implementation of these new ILO standards on violence and harassment in the world of work.

  5. COVID-19: Promoting skills development

    Partnership between Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Industry: Key to workplace readiness

    03 July 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesian government, businesses and technical vocational education and training providers are facing the challenge of high levels of youth unemployment and a shortage of job seekers with critical skills, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ILO with its social partners discuss some ways to tackle this problem.

  6. News update

    International Cooperative Day 2020: COOPS for Climate Action

    03 July 2020, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated on the first Saturday of July every year.

  7. Press release

    ILO partners with BGMEA and BKMEA to launch COVID-19 safety ‘Learning Hub’ for RMG workers

    02 July 2020,

    Comprehensive ‘virtual’ safety and training packages targeted at preparing and maintaining safer workforces and workplaces during and post-pandemic

  8. Press release

    The first online actuarial training for MOHRSS and its local branches

    01 July 2020,

  9. COVID19 and the World of Work

    Bipartite Initiative to Support Redundant Workers in Micro Businesses

    30 June 2020,

    The Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC )and the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF) lead the implementation of a COVID19 recovery initiative called Transition to Business (T2B).

  10. COVID-19: Promoting skills development

    Engaging industrial sectors to address skills mismacth and economy recovery

    30 June 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Engagement of industries is the key for enhancing skills development. Indonesia, with support from the ILO, have promoted greater partnership with industrial sectors to address skills gap and mistmacth as part of the economic recovery after the pandemic.