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    2023 UN Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum, Asia Pacific

    02 June 2023,

    The ILO is co-organising the 2023 United Nations Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum, Asia-Pacific (Bangkok, Thailand, 6-9 June 2023).

  2. Trade Unions in Transformation

    How are trade unions adapting to changes in the world of work?

    02 June 2023,

    The world of work is undergoing a period of transformation, and trade unions are responding to workers' needs and aspirations with innovation and foresight. The ILO's Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV) has launched a program with trade unions that enables them to become agents of change and support workers through this process of transformation. In this interview, Maria Helena Andre, Director of ACTRAV, takes stock of the trade union movement and outlines the challenges trade unions are facing. Ms Andre stresses in particular the importance of social dialogue in formulating responses to new challenges in the world of work.

  3. Press release

    ILO supports industry-led skills development for Indonesia’s maritime economy through the pilot development of Sectoral Skills Committees

    31 May 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Through a programme funded by the UK government, the ILO has been promoting the involvement and engagement of industries through Sectoral Skills Committees to build competent, productive and competitive human capital in Indonesia’ ocean-based economy.

  4. Youth employment

    Asia-Pacific governments look to technology for employment services to support youth

    30 May 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

    Government officials from across the region exchange and learn about how technology can help young people access decent employment.

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    A just transition

    Trade unions join efforts to green Malaysia’s chemical and pharmaceutical industry

    30 May 2023, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Trade union members evaluate support efforts to facilitate a Just Transition in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Malaysia.

  6. Press release

    Province of Central Java to establish a Joint Inspection Team for Labour Norms in fisheries sector

    29 May 2023, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

    The Joint Inspection Team will enhance the fishing industry and provide the better protection for workers in the fishing sector, particularly those who work on board fishing vessels.

  7. Informal economy

    ILO support helps tea and coffee farmers in Lao People's Democratic Republic boost productivity and incomes

    26 May 2023, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

    Projects collaborate with tea and coffee producer groups and cooperatives to reduce vulnerability of workers in Paksong District of Southern Lao People's Democratic Republic.

  8. Better Work Programme

    The ILO Better Work Programme Organise Textile and Ready Made Garment Industry Forum

    25 May 2023, Karachi, Pakistan

    The ILO and its Better Work programme held the Textile and Ready Made Garment Industry Forum in Karachi, attended by over 200 of our key stakeholders.

  9. Social protection

    The International Labour Organization supports in building capacity of social security institution in Nepal

    25 May 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Tripartite Delegation from Nepal, facilitated by ILO-Nepal and ILO-Jakarta and supported by the European Union and Japan, visits Indonesia to discuss social protection system, social security administration, information technology, and management of health insurance systems.

  10. Press release

    ILO supports polytechnics through international partnerships to develop an inclusive, competitive and sustainable Indonesian maritime workforce

    23 May 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Through a programme funded by UK government, the ILO has been partnering with the Indonesian polytechnics, industry and international academic institutions to build competent, productive and competitive human capital in maritime sector.