ILO in Asia and the Pacific

  • What future for the world of work?

    Thinkers from around the globe are gathering at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva for a two-day conference on the Future of Work starting on Thursday 6 April. The event is open to an online public, who can watch the entire conference in streaming and use social media to interact with the panellists. #ILOFOW

Latest news

  1. Our impact, their voices

    When soft skills land hard returns

    03 April 2017

  2. National Dialogue #ILOFOW

    “Thailand 4.0” and the Future of Work

Focus on

  1. Bali declaration

    Governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations in the region to do more to promote inclusive growth, social justice and decent work.

Constituents corner

  1. 5-16 June

    106th International Labour Conference

    Government, Employers’ and Workers’ representatives from 187 member States will discuss a series of world of work issues including Labour migration and employment and decent work for peace and resilience.

  2. 9-24 March

    329th ILO Governing Body

    Worker, employer and government representatives of the Executive Body of the ILO discussed global employment and social challenges, review basic labour rights and the ILO programme and budget proposals for 2018-19.