ILO/China Partnership Programme

ILO/China Partnership Programme Supports TVET Day in Cambodia

ILO/China Partnership Programme supported Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in its Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Day Expo

The TVET Day Expo was dedicated to the promotion of TVETs and promote a smooth transition from school to work.

The TVET Day Expo was a great success with participation of around 100 companies, training providers and public and private social organizations. Wuxi Institute of Technician from Jiangsu Province, China also participated in the event as a member TVET of South-South Cooperation Skills Development Network. The two days event attracted 26,018 visitors (10,407 females), who learned about the different TVET programs available in Cambodia. The exhibition also featured demonstrations of TVET training modules, students’ achievement, state of art technologies and equipment from private sectors.

TVET Day is an important event in Cambodia. It is a day to celebrate the importance of TVET and to raise awareness of its role in developing the country's workforce. ILO/China Partnership Programme is committed to supporting TVETs in Cambodia