Report launch

Hybrid publication launch and presentation of the ILO report: A just energy transition in Southeast Asia: The impact of coal phase-out on jobs

The report of the ILO on “A just energy transition in Southeast Asia: The impact of coal phase-out on jobs” will be launched as a hybrid side event on 24 May 2022 conducted on site in the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok and on an online platform via Zoom. The launch will be part of the seventy-eighth session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

The ILO together with the UN Issue Based Coalition (IBC) on Raising Ambitions on Climate Actions – Working Group coal-phase-out [ESCAP-UNEP-ILO-UNFCCC-UNOPS] are working on a regional programme on Just Energy Transition to facilitate the provision of technical expertise and implementation support to countries facing out coal while offering decent work opportunities for all. Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam being among the top five economies with the highest levels of coal consumption in Southeast Asia. Indonesia and Viet Nam are important coal producers while the Philippines relies heavily on coal imports. All three countries are simultaneously among the most vulnerable to climate change. The ILO begun activities in this programme in the second half of 2021, with a scoping analysis and consultations with ILO constituents and UN Resident Coordination Offices in the three countries. This initial phase of the regional programme produced an assessment/scoping report on employment and related implications of coal-phase-out in the 3 pilot countries.

This report discusses the need to ensure a just transition while phasing out coal. A just transition away from coal is indispensable and it can bring untapped opportunities for quality jobs that are green and decent. Yet transitioning from coal into other economic activities is on their policy agendas only to varying degrees due to the dependency of such developing countries on coal to meet a growing energy demand during their development process. The report sets out a framework of cooperation for a just energy transition in partnership with national, regional and local actors to work to mitigate the negative socio-economic effects of coal phase-out and to maximize its transformative opportunities for mining communities to foster a better future. Supported by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and relevant programs such as ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Partnership Programme, through its project, Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth (InSIGHT) Phase 2, this initiative will continue relevant dialogues and planned actions with the tripartite constituents and including UN partners in the region.