Equality and discrimination resources

June 2023

  1. Launching the Innovative Interventions on Scaling Up HIV/AIDS Prevention at the Workplace

    The ILO has carried out several ‘innovative interventions’, including the development of an online training module on HIV prevention at work, the integration of of modules in the OSH e-platform of the Ministry of Manpower and survey on HIV vulnerability amongst young worker and access to social protection.

  2. Province of North Sulawesi initiates to establish the Provincial OSH Council

    05 June 2023

    The ILO works hand in hand with the Ministry of Manpower and the National OSH Council (DK3N) to support the establishment of the Provincial OSH Council (DK3P) in North Sulawesi as part of the effort to strengthen Indonesia’s OSH culture and system.

  3. ILO joins forces with other UN agencies in Indonesia to promote inclusivity and leave no one behind

    01 June 2023

    As a leading agency, ILO is part of the UN Indonesia’s HR Session on Disability to promote the rights of persons with disabilities to decent employment and the creation of inclusive workplaces in the country.

May 2023

  1. Improving access and participation of people with disabilities (PWDs) in vocational higher education in Indonesia: challenges and policy options

    31 May 2023

    Collaboration of the Skills for Prosperity Programme with the four partner polytechnics delivered a series of capacity-building events for both staff and students and facilitated a self-assessment as a guide to describe each institution’s readiness to enrol and provide reasonable adjustments to support students with disabilities.

  2. Embedding soft skills in the curriculum: A guide for Indonesian polytechnic educators

    31 May 2023

    The guide aims to assist teachers in this process - from identification to implementation and to assessment of soft skills in the curriculum delivery and assessment.

  3. E-Newsletters of the ILO CO-Jakarta: May 2023

    31 May 2023

  4. Women Leadership Training: Strengthening Leadership Skill for Women Officials in Trade Unions

    The training programme aims to promote inclusive representation and leadership in trade union organizations by empowering and strengthening the leadership skills of trade union's women committee members at factory level.

  5. Collective efforts needed for gender equality at work

    25 May 2023

    100 DIFE female labour inspectors pledge for change.

  6. Message of support at the Mobilizing Networks for Gender Equality, International Day for Women in Maritime 2023

    18 May 2023

    By Mr Khalid Hassan, Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines at the Mobilizing Networks for Gender Equality, International Day for Women in Maritime 2023, 18 May 2023, Manila, Philippines via Zoom

  7. Life experiences help Filipino workers avoid pitfalls of migration

    17 May 2023

    Two women who have survived violence and discrimination help Overseas Filipino Workers and their families through the Migrant Worker Resource Centre.