Equality and discrimination resources

August 2000

  1. Globalization, gender and employment in the informal economy: The case of the Philippines

    15 August 2000

    The objective of the study is to examine concrete gender-differentiated effects of globalization on the Philippine informal sector. In particular, it seeks to investigate whether or not there are significant gender-differentiated patterns and changes in the nature and level of employment, wages and incomes, and hours of work especially during the years 1998 and 1999.

October 1999

  1. Gender dimensions of globalization and modern sector employment in Indonesia

    15 October 1999

    The paper was commissioned to specifically anayze the gender dimensions of the impact of globalization on modern formal sector employment in Indonesia, with due attention also to the Asian crisis.

July 1999

  1. Our heritage as Matigsalog of Bukidnon: A participatory documentation of indigenous knowledge systems and practices

    30 July 1999

    The imminent disappearance of our traditional ways into the mainstream of the dominant culture and the many other threatening forces that can lead to its extension had been silently feared by our elders. Documenting our own indigenous knowledge is of utter significance because it renders a permanent record of our ways as a people, thus putting that fear at rest.

May 1999

  1. Indigenous peoples in the Philippines: Community development projects: Brochure

    20 May 1999

  2. Joint statement of principles regarding development assistance to indigenous peoples in the Philippines between FAO, ILO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF: Brochure

    20 May 1999

November 1998

  1. General framework for the protection and promotion of indigenous knowledge systems and practices in the Philippines

    20 November 1998

    The Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSPs) have been proven to contribute to the sustainability and productivity of many ecosystems, examples of which include the rice terraces and imuyung (private woodlot of the Ifugao, the traditional biodiverse swidden of the Hanunuo, the fish conservation practices of the Dumagat, and the traditional herbal medicines of many Filipino ethnic communities.

March 1998

  1. Gender mainstreaming: A how-to manual

    27 March 1998

    The manual is intended as a handy summary of concepts and tools for gender mainstreaming. It is not intended to stand along but should be supplemented with other operational tools for gender mainstreaming.

November 1997

  1. ILO Convention No. 169 (In Ilocano): Brochure

    28 November 1997

    Ti Kadagupan nga Taripnong ti Sangalubungan nga Timpuyog iti Panagtrabaho.

October 1997

  1. ILO Convention No. 169 (In Cebuano): Brochure

    17 October 1997

    Ang panagtipon sa International Labour Organization (ILO): Sa panagtagbo nga gipahigayon didto sa Geneva sa mga gropong Nagdumala sa International Labour Office ug ang ilang panagtagbo ni-adtong ika-setensay sais nga sesyon, bulan Hunyo, pitsa 7, 1989.

August 1997

  1. Capacity building on traditional handicraft product design enhancement and marketing for indigenous peoples in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

    22 August 1997

    Today, mainly because of its merger economic returns, the production of T''boli and Ubo traditional arts and crafts is slowly becoming a vanishing trade as the younger generation is gradually shunning it in favour of working in government offices, plantations, and businesses within and outside Lake Sebu. The young women and men are leaving the pursuit of these indigenous arts and crafts to their elders, who are themselves slowly fading away one after another.