Staff list: ILO Country Office for Thailand, Cambodia and Lao People's Democratic Republic


Mr Maurizio BUSSIOfficer-in-Charge
Ms Jittima SRISUKNAMProgramme Officer
Ms Chadapim UDOMSORAYUTHSenior Secretary to the Director

Fostering and Enabling Environment for Livelihoods Development in Vulnerable and at Risk Communities through Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise Skills

Mr Wade BROMLEYTechnical Officer

Combatting Unacceptable Forms of Work in the Thai Fishing and Seafood Industry Project

Mr Jason JUDDSenior Programme Officer/Project Coordinator
Mr Wade BROMLEYTechnical Officer
Ms Supavadee CHOTIKAJANNational Project Officer
Ms Chonnikarn PHACHANAKIJProgramme Officer
Ms Chadapa KRAILASSUWANAdministrative and Finance Assistant
Ms Anyamanee TABTIMSRIProvincial/Field Coordinator, Phang-nga 
Ms Jitvadee THONGLIMField Office Assistant, Phang-nga