Staff list: ILO DWT for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific


Mr Graeme BuckleyDirector
Mr Teerasak SIRIRATANOTHAISenior Secretary to the Director


Ms Sutida SRINOPNIKOMSenior Programme Assistant

Decent Work Technical Support Team

Ms Sushil J. GOUNDERSenior Specialist on Workers’ Activities
Mr Charles BODWELLEnterprises Development Specialist
Mr Jajoon COUE
Specialist on International Labour Standards
  and Labour Law
Ms Makiko MATSUMOTOSpecialist on Employment
Mr Nilim BARUAHSenior Specialist in Migration
Mr John RITCHOTTESpecialist on Labour Administration and Labour Relations
Mr Gary RYNHARTSenior Specialist on Employers’ Activities
Mr Arun KUMARSpecialist on Workers' Activities
Ms Sandra YUSpecialist on Local Strategies for Decent Work
Mr Matthieu COGNACYouth Employment Specialist
Mr Alain PELCESenior International Labour Standard and Labour Law Specialist
Mr Bjorn JOHANNESSENSenior Engineer on Employment-Intensive Investments
Ms Miaw Tiang TANGSpecialist in Employers' Activities
Mr Rene ROBERTSpecialist in Labour Administration and Labour Inspection
Ms Joni SIMPSONSenior Specialist, Gender, Equality and Non-Discrimination
Mr Nuno MEIRA SIMOES DA CUNHASenior Specialist, Social Protection
Ms Akiko SAKAMOTOSpecialist on Skills and Employability
Mr Bartholomeus ATHMERSenior Specialist on Employment-Intensive Investments
Ms Cristina MARTINEZSenior Specialist on Environment and Decent Work
Mr Francisco SANTOS-O'CONNORSenior Specialist on OSH
Mr Phy HUYNHEmployment Specialist
Mr Jungho CHOIOSH Expert
Ms Sara ANDERSONJunior Professional Officer
Mr Yung Nam CHOSocial Security Expert
Mr Jodi PRAT TUCATechnical Officer-Enterprise Development and Skills

Support Team

Ms Alin SIRISAKSOPITSenior Secretary
Ms Paveena EAKTHANAKITSenior Secretary
Ms Sugunya VORADILOKKULSenior Secretary
Ms Supaporn RUNTASEVEESenior Secretary
Ms Wimon PUMSAVAISenior Secretary