Improving policy and legislation

Improving legislative systems and access to justice

Strengthening policy and legislation through tripartite consultation is a key strategy of the project. Many migrant workers are not receiving labour law protection. Migrants also have limited access to justice through the legal system or collective action. Few aggrieved migrant workers complain about their brokers or employers because they are afraid to lose their jobs and their work permits. Furthermore, the authorities have limited capacity to monitor recruitment practices in rural areas or inspect conditions where migrants work – often isolated within a home, behind factory gates, on a boat, or on a plantation. The project uses an evidence-based approach to tackle these issues from a systemic and sectoral basis. For example, the GMS TRIANGLE has completed research on the fishing sector, approaches domestic work from a labour approach, and has investigated migrant access to complaints. The project also provides comments on the drafting of new legislation related to labour migration.

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