What's new

January 2013

  1. Letter of Agreement between the Africa Union and the ILO

    04 January 2013,

    19 December 2012: A Letter of Agreement was signed between the Africa Union (AU) and the ILO to collaborate in implementing the AU workplace policy on HIV and AIDS among the AU staff.

December 2012

  1. People Living with HIV launched their HIV Global Advocacy Agenda

    10 December 2012,

  2. Message by ILO's Director-General on World AIDS Day 2012

    01 December 2012, Geneva

    This World AIDS day commemoration carries a unanimous hope that the world can bring an end to AIDS.

November 2012

  1. Heads of UN agencies launch “Getting to Zero at Work” campaign

    29 November 2012,

    The campaign aims to promote ILO Recommendation 200 concerning HIV and AIDS and the World of Work, 2010.

  2. HIV Stigma – a new form of dying

    28 November 2012,

    HIV is no longer a killer but HIV stigma is. As World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December, ILO research in China, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand sheds light on the problem and suggests ways it can be addressed.

  3. The world of work walks in Colombo to commemorate World AIDS Day

  4. The countdown continues: Getting to Zeros – Zero New HIV infections, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS related deaths

    On 30 November 2012, the Director for the ILO Dar es Salaam Country Office, Mr. Alexio Musindo and staff commemorated the World AIDS Day.

  5. World AIDS Day: launching the “Getting to Zero at work” campaign

    UN Heads of Agencies to launch the “Getting to Zero at work” campaign.

  6. Official Launching of the Innovation Funds by the Minister of Labour under the Sida Funded Economic Empowerment Program and HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe

    On 22 November, the ILO and SEDCO - the Small Enterprises Development Corporation have signed an agreement on the establishment of the Economic Empowerment Fund, under the patronage of the Minister of Labour and Social Services of Zimbabwe.

October 2012

  1. ILO/AIDS Update - October 2012

    30 October 2012,

  2. Corrigendum to "HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights & Health" by the Global Commission on HIV and the Law

    19 October 2012,

    On 9 July 2012, the Global Commission on HIV and the Law released its comprehensive report, HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights & Health. The report sets out evidence gathered by the Commission on human rights and legal issues related to HIV, examining the impact of national legislative and policy frameworks on HIV responses. The report makes a series of recommendations aimed at guiding law and policy makers, civil society, the public and private sectors and other actors engaged in the response at global, regional and national levels.

September 2012

  1. ILO course on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work: a prevention & social protection perspective, 12-23 November 2012

    The ILO Training Centre in Turin is organizing a two-week capacity-building course on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, with a prevention and social protection perspective. The course aims to strengthen the capacity of planners and social actors to develop and implement workplace policies and programmes on HIV and AIDS that build on and benefit from the decent work approach, covering rights, prevention, employment issues, social protection aspects and social dialogue.

July 2012

  1. HIV still a major obstacle to employment security

    24 July 2012,

    A new ILO-backed report launched by the Global Network of People living with HIV at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC. shows that HIV-related stigma and discrimination is still widespread in the world of work.

  2. XIX International AIDS Conference

    ILO/AIDS is participating in the conference which will take place in Washington, D.C. on 22-27 July 2012 under the theme "Turning the Tide Together".

  3. ILO: Public-Private partnership is key to HIV response

    23 July 2012,

    The role of public-private partnerships in response to HIV and AIDS and the relevance of action at the workplace are being highlighted at the 19th International AIDS Conference.

  4. Delegates to the International AIDS Conference emphasize the role of innovative and strategic Public-Private Partnerships in achieving the goals of the UN Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS of 2011

    21 July 2012,

    21 July 2012, before the official start of the 19th International AIDS Conference, the ILO hosted a pre-conference event, in collaboration with the multi stakeholder Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV and AIDS workplace and Private sector engagement, entitled “Actions against HIV and AIDS at workplace and the role of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)”.

June 2012

  1. HIV-related discrimination denies young workers opportunities for accessing decent work

    15 June 2012,

    Young people living with HIV are finding it hard to find employment, even though they have the necessary competence and skills. The practice of mandatory HIV testing remains common. Job applicants are often denied employment if they are found to be HIV-positive. Yahir Zavaleta shares his perspective as a young person living and working with HIV in Mexico.

  2. Combination Prevention in action: Making a difference in Mozambique

    05 June 2012,

    6 June 2012, UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Thematic Segment on Combination Prevention, Geneva - As UNAIDS meets to discuss the importance of combination prevention, the ILO’s HIV/AIDS programme in Mozambique shows how the workplace can engage people at all levels making valuable contributions to achieve national objectives.

May 2012

  1. Citing ILO Convention No. 111 and Recommendation No. 200, the Brazilian Labour Superior Court affirms the rights of HIV-positive workers in two cases of unjustified dismissal

    31 May 2012,

  2. Sex workers learn business skills in new community-based ILO project

    30 May 2012,