XVIII International AIDS Conference, 18-23 July, Vienna

ILO launches implementation phase of new international labour standard at XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010)

The ILO held a series of events under the theme “Preventing HIV, Protecting human rights at work” at the AIDS 2010 Conference to mark the launch of a new labour standard adopted by ILO government, employer and worker representatives in June. With its constituents, the ILO focused on developing strong partnerships with the international community of donors, stakeholders implementing HIV policies and programmes and people living with HIV to reduce stigma and discrimination for all workers living with HIV or believed to be HIV positive, to give a new impetus to prevention efforts.

News | 22 July 2010

Vienna (ILO news) - The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the implementation phase of the newly adopted Recommendation concerning HIV and AIDS and the World of Work at the XVIII International AIDS Conference held here from 18 to 23 July 2010.

The new labour standard is the first human rights instrument to focus on HIV and AIDS in the world of work, and was adopted by governments, employers’ and workers’ representatives from ILO member States at the International Labour Conference in June 2010.

The Recommendation sets a new milestone in the international response to the pandemic, calling for the world of work to play an unprecedented role in preventing HIV transmission, mitigating its impacts and protecting human rights at work.

Dr Sophia Kisting, Director of the ILO Programme on HIV and AIDS and the Workplace said: “Now is the time for implementation and the International AIDS Conference provides an excellent forum to launch this next phase of building stronger partnerships for the development and implementation of HIV and AIDS policies and programmes in the world of work, with an emphasis on the reduction of stigma and discrimination, the protection of human rights and greater access to prevention, treatment, care and support through the world of work.”

The ILO with support from UNAIDS hosted a “Workplace Partners Forum” on Saturday 17 July, which brought together over a hundred ILO constituents and partners to discuss the new avenues opened by the Recommendation to facilitate universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support while protecting HIV-related human rights. Following Saturday’s discussion, the ILO hosted a press conference on Tuesday 20 July to launch the implementation phase.

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