Responding effectively to HIV and AIDS in the world of work


The project is approved within the framework of the 2012-13 ILO/Norway Programme Cooperation Agreement, in particular its support to the Decent Work Outcome 8 - “The world of work responds effectively to the HIV/AIDS epidemic”. The immediate objectives of the project include:

Policy and regulatory frameworks in target countries reflect the principles of the Recommendation 200 including gender equality;

Capacity of tripartite plus constituents strengthened to implement workplace HIV and AIDS interventions in prevention and access to treatment, care and support;

Knowledge on effective HIV responses and strategies strengthened among constituents and other stakeholders to plan evidence-base world of work interventions on HIV and AIDS;

Improved knowledge on access and effect of social protection schemes on informal sector workforce including PLHIV households.

Key activities

Activities will include policy advice and training for capacity building envisaged in Country Programme Outcomes (CPOs) and research at the global level.

Activities will be carried out in close collaboration with employers’ and workers’ organizations and labour administration and labour inspection as well as with associations of people living with HIV to ensure that views and needs are fully reflected.