Addressing gender-based violence and HIV vulnerabilities of Indonesian migrant workers and their families

    Funding mechanism: Programme Acceleration Fund (PAF), UNAIDS

    Project budget:
    72,760 USD


    To strengthen the Indonesian national government and other stakeholders’ commitment and capacity to:

    1. address gender-based violence (GBV) and HIV vulnerabilities of Indonesian migrant workers by closing policy gaps and mainstreaming gender into existing policy frameworks;

    2. effectively implement existing policies on gender mainstreaming into policy frameworks for the placement and protection of migrant workers.

Key activities

    Indonesia is the world's second largest labour exporter with an estimated 4.3 million workers abroad in 2009 and 700,000 workers departing the country annually. Due to their insecure legal status and lack of protection migrant workers, whether men or women, are susceptible to gender-based and other types of violence and exploitation which increase their HIV vulnerabilities. Migrant workers’ vulnerabilities include: the lack of social protection, knowledge and awareness of HIV; employment; lengthy separations from spouses and family; and HIV stigma. The project builds on the success in raising awareness and building capacity of stakeholders and service providers on the issues of forced labour, trafficking, and on the impact of migrant workers’ working and living conditions on their health.

Key activities include:

  • Establishing two consultative, advisory and monitoring entities;
  • Conducting a desk review to identify needs and elaborate strategy;
  • Conducting a national stakeholder seminar on gender-based violence and HIV vulnerability to strengthen government policies and responses;
  • Organizing a follow-up workshop to address gender-based violence and HIV vulnerability of migrant workers;
  • Developing guidelines and training modules to address gender-based violence and HIV; and
  • Building capacity for government officials and civil societies to strengthen policy development and implementation.