Integrating HIV prevention into Garment Factory Occupational Safety and Health Committees: Workplace Sensitization, Mobilization and Management

    Funding mechanism: Programme Acceleration Fund (PAF), UNAIDS

    Project budget:
    50,000 USD


    To significantly increase awareness of enterprises in the garment sector about the importance of workplace policies and programmes as part of an effort to develop a sustainable and well-targeted workplace response in Cambodia.

Key activities

    A sensitization/mobilization campaign targeting 300 garment factories was carried out and focused on HIV prevention. A workshop comprising 184 representatives from government, employers’ and workers’ groups was organized to raise awareness on the importance of workplace programmes on HIV and AIDS. The workshop covered government HIV policies, epidemic trends, workplace responses and information on HIV transmission and prevention. In addition, three training workshops were conducted for 152 trade union representatives focusing on the protection of rights and HIV prevention. Another two workshops were conducted for 41 employer representatives, focusing on the importance of workplace programs. The ILO provided guidelines for developing workplace HIV policies and programmes in consultation with stakeholders.

Key activities included:

  • Identifying and engaging target workplaces;
  • Integrating information on Prakas No. 086 into existing HIV workplace education materials;
  • Sensitizing and mobilizing management and workers of garment factories; and
  • Working closely with 30 workplaces to establish HIV workplace committees.