Norway – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Organizational description | 17 July 2012

The ILO and Norway have a long-standing relation with respect to development cooperation since the initial agreement on ILO/Norway multi-bilateral programme signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1972. This was one of the earliest agreements to support the ILO’s technical cooperation programme.

In 2010, Norway and the ILO agreed, for the first time, to include the theme of HIV and AIDS in the ILO/Norway partnership programme called Programme Cooperation Agreement for 2010- 2011. Within the framework of the said partnership programme, a global project entitled “The World of Work effectively responds to HIV and AIDS through Recommendation 200 with emphasis on social protection” was implemented for the period of January 2011 – March 2012. Its achievements are highlighted in the ILO publication on ILO-Norway Cooperation Results Overview (June 2012).

Under the renewed Programme Cooperation Agreement covering 2012 – 2013, Norway continues its support to the ILO action on HIV and AIDS, and the related global project was launched in June 2012. The project is designed to enhance the ILO’s knowledge base and to address the priorities set in the ILO’s Programme and Budget for 2012-2013, including development of national tripartite workplace policy on HIV and AIDS and implementation of workplace programme.