ILO course on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work: a prevention & social protection perspective, 18-29 November 2013

The ILO Training Centre in Turin and the HIV/AIDS and the World of Work Branch are organizing a two-week capacity-building course on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, with a prevention, gender equality and social protection perspective.

HIV/AIDS and the World of Work: a prevention & social protection perspective

Deadline for applications: 11 October 2013


At the end of the training, the participants will have increased knowledge and skills that will enable them:

  • To understand the policy and legal environment for HIV/AIDS in the world of work, based on the principles of the ILO code of practice and the new international labour standard on HIV and AIDS and the world of work. This knowledge will enable participants to develop effective HIV and AIDS workplace policies at the national, sectoral and enterprise levels in their countries.
  • To strengthen HIV prevention in the world of work, covering formal and informal economies, communities, engaging private sector and people living with HIV. This knowledge will enable participants to develop practical approaches for undertaking/expanding prevention programmes for workers in formal as well as informal economies.
  • To apply social protection approaches/models and understand their importance in contributing to prevent HIV and mitigate its impact on people living with or affected by HIV. This knowledge will enable participants to apply social protection approaches for offering care, treatment, social security, and income support to people living with HIV or affected by HIV.

The ITC-ILO learning approach is participative, competence-based, experiential, collaborative and it builds on existing experience and diversity.

Participants' profile

The course is designed for:

  • Policy planners and advisers from relevant governmental structures such as: Ministries of Labour (officials dealing with occupational safety and health, HIV, vocational training, social health insurance, social security, labour administrators/inspectors etc.); Ministries of Health, National AIDS Commissions, Country Coordinating Mechanisms of the Global Fund, National Human Rights Commissions; other relevant ministries;
  • Representatives of employers' and workers' organizations, business coalitions, public and private sector enterprises, and other non-governmental organizations;
  • Planners, advisers and professionals dealing with social protection mechanisms;
  • Representatives of multilateral/bilateral development agencies, UNAIDS, co-sponsors.

Languages: English and French

How to apply

Applicants should send the nomination form ( and a nomination letter from their institution or a sponsoring institution indicating how the participant will be financed.

The cost of participation, excluding international air travel, is 3,250 Euros, payable in advance. This covers tuition fees, the use of training facilities and support services, training materials, accommodation and full board at the Centre's campus. A lump sum allowance for incidental expenses is provided as well as emergency medical care insurance.

Please note that a Schengen visa for Italy is needed and the average time required is one month.

For further information or to submit your application, please contact:

ILO International Training Centre
Social Protection programme
Viale Maestri del Lavoro 10
10127 Turin, Italy

Ms Luisa Guimarães

Phone: (39-011) 6936545- Fax: (39-011) 6936548


Please note that the deadline to apply to participate in the workshop is 11 October 2013.