India launches the “Getting to Zero at Work” Campaign

“Has the countdown to zero begun at your workplace?” is the key message of “Getting to Zero at Work” Campaign launched in India.

The campaign was launched through a well-attended national event in New Delhi, attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, National AIDS Control Organization, Department of AIDS Control, Employers’ organizations, Workers’ organizations, Networks of people living with HIV, Public and Private sector corporates, ILO, UNAIDS and media. Ms Alice Ouedraogo, Director, ILOAIDS, Geneva also participated and delivered the keynote address.

“The key to living with HIV is having a job. But to make this a reality for people living with HIV, we must first end discrimination in the workplace” noted, Naveen Kumar, a 42 year person living with HIV, welcoming the campaign.

The campaign highlights the need to scale up workplace HIV programmes and to end HIV and AIDS- related discrimination at workplaces, both in formal as well as informal economy. The campaign is intended to strengthen the implementation of the National Policy on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work, adopted by India in 2009.

By protecting the employment rights of people living with HIV, the campaign is also intended to scale up HIV voluntary counselling and testing for workers, including mobile and migrant workers.

The campaign was launched with a poster campaign having messages from the Minister of Labour and Employment, Additional Secretary National AIDS Control Organization, Employers’ and Workers’ Organizations, Corporates and People Living with HIV.