Capacity building

Ministry of Manpower staff benefit from ILO's capacity development programme.

The ILO organized a training course from October 23- 27, 2016 for the staff of the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower on writing successful project proposals.

Press release | 27 October 2016
Cairo (ILO News)- The ILO organized a training course from October 23- 27, 2016 for the staff of the Ministry of Manpower on writing successful project proposals. The training course was part of a larger capacity development programme that the ILO has jointly developed to meet the training needs of the Ministry of Manpower as well as the affiliated directorates in several areas.

In a highly competitive environment, writing project proposals is one of the key means for public institutions to secure the allocation of funds required for priority projects and operationalize its national and sector strategic’ s objectives in Egypt. To assist the Ministry of Manpower in meeting these objectives, the ILO’s writing successful project proposals training course aimed to provide the Ministry staff with the skills to effectively enhance their capacities in identifying opportunities, mobilizing extra budgetary resources, and to strengthen the skills of those who design, write or supervise the writing of project proposals.

The training course developed and delivered by the ILO International Training Centre (ITCILO), was attended by 24 representatives from the Ministry of Manpower and was opened by the Minister of Manpower, Mr. Mohamed Safaan, along with the ILO Cairo Director, Mr. Peter van Rooij.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Mohamed Safaan, Minister of Manpower emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to provide capacity building training for its staff as a means of enhancing the development of Egypt.
“The Ministry attaches full attention to the training of young staff at the Ministry headquarters and the directorates across the different governorates, especially under the current conditions of the country which require dedication of all efforts in order to restore the status of Egypt that it deserves,” said Mr. Mohamed Safaan.

Mr. Peter van Rooij, the ILO Cairo Director highlighted that it is an ILO priority to promote the capacity of the Ministry of Manpower staff and its affiliated directorates. “I hope that through this workshop, we will be able to work together in effectively securing funding and embarking on projects that will allow the ILO and the Ministry of Manpower to jointly continue our mission in advancing the sustainable development of Egypt,” added Mr. Peter van Rooij.

The training course

The five-day training course utilized theoretical as well as practical training methods by using activities whereby participants were able to apply the concepts learned and to write their own project proposals during the training in sectors that were relevant and strategically important to the Ministry of Manpower.

At the end of the training, the Ministry staff produced five project proposals in the areas of child labour, training, networking of labour external offices electronically, training for employment, and amendment of labour law projects.

As part of a wider capacity building programme for the Ministry of Manpower, the ILO, within the framework of its project “Improving Governance of Labour Migration and Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights in Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt”, held a training in Cairo during September 2016 for the Ministry of Manpower’s labour attaché in cooperation with the Egyptian Diplomatic Institute.

The ILO also commenced the roll out of English language proficiency classes for 20 Ministry participants in 2016, following an earlier round for 46 participants between 2012- 2014.

Moreover, the ILO is in the process of organizing trainings for Ministry personnel on protocol education, negotiation management, reporting and writing meeting minutes, in addition to French language and Information Technology (IT) trainings for Ministry staff at Minister’s of Cabinet, Public Relations, External Relations, and Employment and Training department.