Promoting decent work in the African cultural and creative economy

The report identifies the challenges and opportunities for promoting decent work in the African cultural and creative economy (CCE).

The Report also provides an outline of trends shaping the nature of work in the African CCE and policies, as well as an analysis of the decent work challenges in the different countries and subsectors. The study chose five sectors of the CCE to investigate more thoroughly, each located in one of the five sub-regions of Africa: cultural heritage in Egypt, dance in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), fashion in the United Republic of Tanzania, film and TV in Nigeria, and live music in South Africa.
The report further clarifies the status, scope and existing dynamics of the value chain in this economy. This detailed evidence will be crucial for policy interventions going forward in order to mitigate the existing precarity and vulnerabilities experienced by many cultural workers and practitioners.

A key aspect of the report is the recommendation of a programme of interventions to improve labour relations upholding international labour standards and fundamental principles and rights at work, stimulate entrepreneurship, skills development and employment prospects, foster social dialogue and representation, and provide for adequate social protection and occupational safety and health in the CCE.