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December 2003

  1. December 10: Trade Union Rights are Human Rights

    09 December 2003

    Trade union organisations worldwide are using this year's Human Rights Day to remind the international community that workers' rights are human rights, but that these rights are still denied to millions of workers. Abuses range from restrictive legislation to the brutal repression and even murder of union activists.

November 2003

  1. ILO Acts Against Violations of Workers' Rights in Belarus

    19 November 2003

    The worker members of the Governing Body of the UN's International Labour Organisation (ILO) have welcomed the decision (today 19 November 2003) to

October 2003

  1. World Food Day 16 October 2003: The ILO and decent work in agriculture

    16 October 2003

    Today,the number of people working in agriculture is put at more than 1.3 billion. They make up half of the world's active population.They feed the world, but what is their fate Unenviable,according to a whole series of first-hand accounts at the symposium on decent work in agriculture, held recently under the auspices of the International Labour Organization in Geneva.

June 2003

  1. Workers call on the ILO to provide urgent rehabilitation support to Iraq

    09 June 2003

    Workers'delegates attending this year's International Labour Conference in Geneva have called on the UN's International Labour Organization(ILO) urgently to send a needs assessment mission to Iraq to determine what forms of technical support and assistance the ILO can properly provide in the rehabilitation and reconstruction programme.