News and articles

March 2011

  1. Gender: Interview with Trade Unionist Ms Carmen Bravo Sueskun

    08 March 2011

    To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, we interviewed the Confederal Secretary of the women’s committee of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) in Spain, Ms. Carmen Bravo Sueskun …

February 2011

  1. World Social Forum: Decent Job Creation as a Way of Tackling the Crisis

    28 February 2011

  2. Situation in the Arab States: Trade Unions Mobilize

    28 February 2011

  3. Brussels Seminar : Working Conditions in EPZs

    25 February 2011

    The ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) jointly organized an international seminar on “Organizing in Export-Processing Zones (EPZs)” in Brussels from the 21st to 23rd February 2011.

  4. Libya Situation: ILO Concerns

    24 February 2011

  5. The ILO MNEs Declaration: Interview with Anna Biondi

    15 February 2011

    The Bureau for workers’ activities (ACTRAV) has published a guide on the ILO Declaration on Multinational Enterprises for workers. At this occasion, the Deputy Director of ACTRAV, Anna Biondi gave somes explanations...

  6. International Journal of Labour Research: New issue on Sustainable Development

    10 February 2011

  7. Brussels Seminar on Export Processing Zones (EPZs)

    03 February 2011

    How does one organize workers in export processing zones around the world? This is the issue that a seminar, organized from the 21 to 23 February 2011 in Brussels, will seek to address.

December 2010

  1. Note: Participation in the International Labour Conference 2011

    15 December 2010

    If your organization is an international workers’ organization and you wish to participate in the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference, which will take place in Geneva from 1 to 17 June 2011, your request to receive an invitation should be sent to the Director-General of the ILO, marked for the attention of Mr Martinot-Lagarde of the Bureau for External Relations and Partnerships, with a copy to Mr Cunniah, Director of the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), to arrive no later than 3 February 2011.

November 2010

  1. Hong-Kong: A New Federation of Asian Domestic Workers

    21 November 2010