The future of Work we want: Workers’ perspective

The world of work is undergoing a major process of changes in particular driven by: technological innovation, changing patterns of production, markets’ increasing integration in the global economy, climate change, and millions of people entering the labour market every year.

As representatives of millions of workers around the world, workers ‘organizations play an important role to build the future of work we want through their national social dialogue mechanisms.

How workers and their organizations could address these challenges and build the future of work we want?

To answer to these questions, the ILO Bureau for Workers ’Activities will organize a series of activities on the future of work we want.

Key Documents on the Future of Work

  1. Report of the ILO's Director-General

    The future of Work Centenary Initiative

  2. Issue Note 6

    Cooperation in a changing world of work

  3. Issue Note 5


  4. Issue Note 4

    Social contract 

  5. Issue Note 3

    Employment relationships

  1. Issue Note 2

    Labour supply

  2. Issue Note 1

    Technological change