Social Protection

Launch of the ACTRAV Social Protection Resource Package

The meeting aims to provide an opportunity for trade unions representatives, experts, academics and ILO officials to exchange on the role of trade unions to achieve universal social protection. On this occasion, the ACTRAV resource package will be launched. This package aims at supporting workers’ organizations to negotiate and champion a job rich, human-centred recovery that is aligned with health, social, environmental and climate change goals, contributes to income security, job creation and social cohesion objectives, expands the tax base and helps to finance universal social protection.


About the ACTRAV Resource Package on Social Protection

The ACTRAV resource package encompasses a Workers’ Guide to ILO Conventions concerning minimum standards of social security and a series of policy briefs on "What workers‘ organizations need to know“ addressing a number of key issues in current social protection debates and policy discussions, and providing in particular policy options for closing gender gaps in social protection, extending social protection to informal economy workers, finding fiscal space for social protection financing and implementing adequate pension schemes and reforms. They highlight the challenges countries are facing regarding social protection and how these challenges can be overcome.
  • The brief on Closing gender gaps in social protection provides an overview of the root causes of gender-related social protection gaps and the ILO’s strategy for filling them. It offers a wide range of successful examples of gender responsive social protection programmes and reforms from around the world that workers’ representatives may use as a reference for promoting gender-responsive social protection policies in respective country.
  • The brief on Extending social protection coverage to informal economy workers aims at helping workers' representatives to better understand the complexity of and the challenges for extending social protection coverage to workers in the informal economy, and the different policy choices which countries have implemented to overcome these challenges.
  • The brief on Creating fiscal space for financing social protection intends to provide workers’ representatives with a better understanding of the challenges related to the creation of fiscal space for social protection financing and the different policy options to overcome these challenges with a view to effectively contributing to policy discussions on mobilizing resources for adequate investments in universal social protection at country level.
  • The brief on Old-age pension models worldwide from an ILO perspective evidences that workers’ organizations can make a vital contribution to informed discussions on pension reform policies and their implementation at the national level. To that end, they need to know which pension policy options are the best for their country, be aware of the various financing mechanisms and understand the implications of each option for social protection coverage and benefits
  • The Guide aims to help workers’ representatives to promote the ratification of ILO standards, and in particular Convention No. 102, and to ensure their application at national level as a basis for progressively extending adequate and sustainable social protection to all.