Webinar on skills development and lifelong learning: The role of trade unions in Asia and Pacific

This regional webinar will provide an opportunity to trade unions in Asia-Pacific to discuss skills development and lifelong learning in the context of the post-COVID19 recovery and the ILC standard-setting on apprenticeships, as well as in the implementation of the ILO Centenary Declaration.

The objectives

To highlight the role of trade unions in the following three dimensions:
  1.  In the implementation of the ILO Centenary Declaration, with a particular reference to “skills development and lifelong learning”;
  2. In enhancing the employment and employability in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic recovery;
  3. In preparedness of union position in the process of ILO standard-setting on apprenticeships, 2021-2022. 

Discussant topics

  • To introduce ILO policies on skills in general and the white report on apprenticeships (ILO SKILLS Department);
  • To share the key contents of the publication, “Skills development and lifelong learning” (ACTRAV and SKILLS Departments);
  • To share country cases
- Apprenticeships in Korea: Strengths and weaknesses (KLI)

- Vocational training capacity and governance in India or Bangladesh

- SMART Strategy for supporting jobs from the COVID crisis in Singapore (NTUC)


National and sectoral trade unions across Asia-Pacific

To attend, please register here via Zoom